Traditional Usui Reiki - Class information

Reiki Class Awareness

The style of Reiki that is taught at Sarah Yoga & Wellness is Traditional Long Form Usui Reiki.

Reiki learned and taught at levels 1 and 2 is for personal use only.

A certificate is given to each student at the end of the complete program.

Every class must be attended by each student to receive a certificate.  No exceptions.

At this time, Sarah teaches only Reiki levels 1 and 2 certification class program. 

Both levels are taught together as one class program.

Both Reiki levels 1 and 2 are taught in a ten (10) consecutive weeks class program.  

Each session is 2 Hours.  All dates must be scheduled in advance.

Cost: $1,800


***If you are interested in attending this program, please call or email Sarah for a complimentary 15 minute consultation.

An appointment will be scheduled for the person to come into the studio to meet Sarah in person, ask questions, express concerns, fill out registration form, and make payment.  There is a one time courtesy fee of $80 for this registration appointment.  This appointment will be approximately 60 minutes.  If the person after the appointment chooses to NOT attend the Reiki class program, the fee is still paid.  If the fee is already paid there is no refund.  No exceptions.


Reiki Levels 1 & 2 Class Program Information

Some of the things students will learn are:

The history of Reiki  and Dr. Makio Usui's discovery of Reiki.

How Reiki has helped the Reiki teacher.

The Reiki teacher's story of her Reiki journey.

How does Reiki really work regarding: suffering, trauma, negative experiences, people, places, and things.

The student learns that taking action is very important for healing and transformation to occur.

The most suitable place and atmosphere to perform self Reiki treatments.

What happens if others are present in the room when performing self Reiki treatments.

How receiving the energy can be experienced.

How to take action and what can happen after taking action for change and transformation.  

What happens if the student just does their personal treatments and take no action. 

What happens if the student does not do their personal Reiki treatment.

Reiki pre-attunement guidelines.

Reiki dedication after using the Reiki energy.

Learn and shown repeatedly the Twenty (20) basic hand positions for a complete Reiki treatment.

The teacher reinforces the awareness that each Reiki treatment hand position takes three (3) minutes. 

The teacher checks at each class to make sure that the students have memorized the twenty (20) Reiki hand positions.

The importance of all the three (3) sacred Reiki keys that are taught.

The importance of NOT teaching the three (3) sacred keys to anyone else.

From the second class to the seventh class: in each class students will receive the energy attunements that re-balance, realign, cleanse, and connect ALL seven chakras front and back, from top of head to bottom of feet, and both hands.  

These energy attunement process reconnects students to the Reiki - Universal Life Force Energies in the Universe.  This is called starting the journey of returning home, to making the improvement of Spirit a priority.  A journey of improving the process of love.

What are the attunements for - and how do they work to connect the student to the Reiki 

Universal Life Force Energy process.

The Reiki teacher repeatedly teaches and shows students how to draw the three (3) sacred Reiki keys.

The symbolic meaning of what each key does to help students on the physical, emotional, and mental levels.

Learn through repetitive practice in class the three (3) sacred keys.  

Guidance on how to practice keys at home.

How to memorize the Reiki keys and the importance of drawing the consecutive lines of the keys one after the other and what happens if this in not done.

Learn the five (5) guided principles of this Reiki practice.

Introduce the awareness of the seven (7) chakras - location - color - function - and basic relationship to Reiki treatments.

Practice a sample of how to perform Reiki long distance for someone else.

The teacher gives guidance, answers questions, and addresses concerns in every class.

Plus the Reiki teacher addresses any other things the students present in class for the Reiki students to have the best opportunity regarding their personal Reiki treatment practice.

The journey of becoming a Traditional Long Form Usui Reiki Master Teacher is one of creating self-love, staying connected to the energy process of love, and sharing this connection of love.  

Welcome if you choose to TRY!  Every step is counted on this infinite path of love.  Amen and peace to you.



Reiki is NOT a substitute for medical treatments, medical doctors, mental health doctors, mental health professionals, and services.  If you or your clients need medical or mental health professional services please see these professionals and recommend to your clients that they must do so as well.  

Before EVERY person enters the studio, they are smudged outside with five cleansing and purifying herbs in an incense pot.  Smudging can assist in cleansing the aura (outside layers) of the person's energy field/body.  This begins the relaxation process and letting go of stress.