Our mission is to assist people to improve Spiritually using the tools of Yoga and Reiki

Meet Sarah...

Sarah started teaching Yoga in 2010 and Reiki in 2016.  Her intention was to share some of the healing arts practices that she has participated in for her personal transformation and healing.

Sarah offers the tools of Yoga and Reiki to assist people who choose to improve in a positive way, their spirit, mind, emotions, body, attitude, and life.  These tools are offered in private Yoga classes, Reiki Levels 1 and 2 Certification Class Programs, Reiki Energy Healing treatments with Holistic Life Coaching, and Yoga Teacher Training Programs Levels 1, 2 & 3. 

Sarah is the only teacher and practitioner at this studio.  Why?  She wants her Yoga and wellness practice to be much more than a business opportunity.  Because she chooses to have a healing and wellness practice, that continues to nurture, heal, transform her negative past vibrations and shadow sides, grow, stay awake, and cultivate improved levels of her own spirit, mind, emotions, body, and her personal life.  

Also, she chooses to make Yoga and Reiki much more than a career experience. Understanding energy and the spirit, mind, body, and how they work, she offers people the same transformation opportunities, through the tools of Yoga and Reiki.  

A person cannot give what they do not have.  Yoga is MUCH more than physical exercise and Reiki is much more than a replenishing energy experience.  

Every step a person takes with the intention of improving and growing counts.  Just like every drop of water counts in filling a bucket.  Every day and every step, Sarah continues to improve herself and the quality of service she shares at her Yoga & Wellness Studio with people who want much more than finding a career and exercise.  

Sarah and her studio intention is to assist others in finding, at whatever level they choose, positive improvements in spirit, mind, body, health, well-being, and life's purpose career.

Welcome!  The many paths that unfold for transformation are infinite.

Maximum Class size is 3 Students

For people who choose Sarah's help and assistance it becomes team work participation to receive and give the best possible service and care.  


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"For anyone seeking to not only enhance their Yoga asana practice, but to fully embrace their own Spiritual journey – This is the place to be! Sarah truly practices what she preaches – she is the “real deal.” She embodies the qualities of a teacher in the truest sense of the word and leads by her own example. Sarah has extensive knowledge about proper alignment in the poses and customizing to the individual, as well as Yogic philosophy and the spiritual principles of Yoga. Her dedication to the practice and commitment to continual learning shine through in her teaching and create a safe space for students of all levels. Perhaps most importantly, she encourages students to develop and trust their own inner wisdom and intuition.  I continue to gain much insight through Sarah’s guidance and consider this studio a home away from home. It is unlike any other Yoga studio and radiates with an energy and sense of peace unlike anywhere else. I continue to grow on all levels through her tutelage and I highly recommend Sarah as a teacher." 

Anya K. 

"From the moment I walked into her studio I knew I chose the right Yoga teacher. Sarah has a wonderful ability to work with students of all levels and give each one what they need. Not only is she a wonderful Yoga teacher, but she is a spiritual inspiration. I have learned so much from her and my practice is continually growing under her tutelage." 

Katy D.

"Sarah is a wise, compassionate instructor who cares deeply about her students. Her corrections are spot on and her style is both energetic AND serene. She keeps an eye on each student in the relatively small and lovely space. I have been to a multitude of Yoga classes all over the country. I would have to say that Sarah is one of the better teachers I have had. She knows how to push us to the perfect edge without risking injury.  I have just recently discovered this small Yoga oasis and I love it!" 

Laura R. 

"Sarah has integrity in everything she does. Her Yoga Studio is no exception. She holds the space for learning, growing and transformation, all one needs to do is step in with the same intention. I love Sarah's classes, they honor the individual, and the student can make it as challenging as they wish for that day. I always feel changed after class, always for the better." 

Jennifer G.

"This is a really special place. You can feel it from the minute you walk in. Once you experience Sarah, it becomes very obvious how well she knows the body, the poses and Yoga. Her cues are like life hacks for poses in the most Yogic way, as they are fueled with knowledge and understanding while being incredibly simple. She will help you connect with your body and mind in ways you never thought possible." 

Rebecca G.

"From the first class, I knew I was in the right place! Signed up for 20 more that day over a year ago! Sarah is very special, it is very personal experience that I've not found anywhere else." 

Cherie F. 

"Pure bliss! I absolutely love Sarah and her classes. Sarah truly embraces Yoga philosophy- sincerely lives it on and off the mat and teaches with incredible knowledge of the human body and the Iyengar practice. Sarah has consistently thoughtful and creative classes. I love that her studio space is always filled with positive energy and good vibes! Sarah is incredibly respectful and encouraging and her cues are spot on. I love her use of props (bolsters, chairs, straps & blocks) to help facilitate ALL her students to experience any pose to their best ability. Her style is slow and deep and do not be fooled-- NOT EASY! You will work and sweat and then have the best savanna! This studio is a little piece of heaven and a sanctuary for all who are looking for a deeper practice and a peaceful place to meditate." 

Audrey A. 

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