Learn to create a Vision Board

Create a vision board to assist in grounding your personal vision and purpose .

You will learn how to use a Vision board to attract opportunities and things to manifest your goals and dreams.  Plus receive guidance and coaching as you create your own personal vision board to take home.

Please bring:

- Large 22" x 28" construction paper board

- Paints, markers, color pencils and/or crayons

- Scissors, ruler, glue and/or tape

- Quotes, affirmations or other words of wisdom

- Embellishments for decorating your vision board, but make sure everything is burnable (no plastic objects)

- Old magazines 

- Newspaper to spread under your working area

- Plus anything else  your imagination comes up with  and so on :)

Currently there are NO Group Vision Board Workshops scheduled.  

If you are interested in a one-on-one PRIVATE coaching session to create your personal vision board, please e-mail me to schedule a 15min FREE consultation.



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