Yoga Nidra Workshop

Yoga Nidra is an ancient deep relaxation form of Yoga that has been used for centuries to harmonize the deeper unconscious and awaken your inner potential.  

It is a wonderful technique for deep relaxation, stress management, and to enhance the learning process.

During this workshop, we will first prepare the body with some gentle movements, then practice some breathing techniques to prepare the mind, and then you will be guided through a magical process of visualization to get you into a deep state of meditation, that place between wakefulness and sleep where you can connect with your true self and inner wisdom.

Please have a light meal about 2 hours before class if possible (this is a guideline...  everyone is different...  You don't want a heavy meal in your tummy, but you do NOT want to be hungry during class either... Do feels right for YOU!).

Wear comfortable clothing and clean socks.  We will provide blankets, bolsters, and eye pillows but feel free to bring your own props to make your experience more cozy and comfortable if you choose to.


Date:  Friday, April 17th 

Time: 6:30pm

Location:  Bountiful, UT (directions upon registration)

Cost $35 (1.5 hours. Maximum 3 students)

More dates coming Soon... March/April 2020... Sign-up below to get an email when more Workshops are scheduled...


Vision Board Workshop

Understanding The Human Energy System & VISION BOARD WORKSHOP

Learn how to Create a vision board that actual works! to assist in grounding your personal vision and purpose.

Through this Sacred process, you will learn how to shift your energy from within to attract opportunities to manifest your goals and dreams, and finally remove the Energy blocks that are preventing you from manifesting your heart's desire.  

Through the process, you will receive personalized guidance and Holistic Life Coaching so you know exactly what to do to take action after this empowering retreat!

Please bring:

- Large 22' x 28' construction paper board

- Paints, markers, pencils and/or crayons

- Scissors Glue and/or tape

- Quotes, affirmations or other words of wisdom

- Embellishments for decorating your vision board, but make sure everything is burnable (no plastic objects)

- Old magazines 

- Newspaper to spread under your working area

- Plus anything else  your imagination comes up with  and so on :)

* Remember... This is YOUR life and your vision and therefore, it is your responsibility to bring the necessary materials to this workshop. That is the first step and homework for this empowering workshop!  

Don't be careful what you wish for... Just be READY!

If you are interested in a one-on-one PRIVATE coaching session to create your personal vision board, please e-mail me to schedule a 15min FREE consultation.


Date:  Sunday, April 26th 

Time: 2:00pm

Location:  Bountiful, UT (directions upon registration)

Cost $45 (2.5 hours. maximum 3 students)

More dates coming Soon... March/April 2020... Sign-up below to get an email when more Workshops are scheduled...



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