PRIVATE Yoga Treatments - Bountiful, UT

Sarah has a healing arts and spiritual energy approach to Yoga.  We see Yoga as a treatment tool to assist the person who chooses Yoga as a path to spiritual awakening.  Sarah operates a small and individual focus practice - for her own continued spiritual growth and transformation as well as for people who choose her to help and assist them.  For people who choose Sarah's help and assistance it becomes team work participation to receive and give the best possible service and care.  

Benefits of Private Yoga

Some benefits of choosing to have private Yoga treatment classes are:

The quality of the Yoga treatment class is maximized.

You are all by yourself and not re-absorbing the toxic emotions of other people in the class.

You have the complete attention of the teacher.

You can focus on just YOU and your needs with no distraction by other people in the class.

Yoga pose alignment is very important to prevent injury and for getting the most benefits from the practice treatments. In a private class, the teacher gets to give you 100% attention to improve alignment.

Private Yoga classes are great for beginners who can get totally lost in the process of a group class.

Private Yoga classes are great for people with pre-existent injury and special needs.

One on one teacher practice can be good for seniors that might get overwhelmed in a group class.

This one on one class time can be productive for people who choose Yoga as an entrance to improved spiritual development.

Private classes can give the opportunity to improve Yoga home practice and help people with the intention to go on to Yoga Teacher Training Certification program.

Plus many more benefits based on what an individual might feel having a private class means for and to them.

This one on one teacher and student experience can be safe and productive for pregnant mothers getting undivided attention.

Group Yoga Practice benefits include most of the above, but with minimum benefits (with all the best efforts and intention of the teacher) - because the teacher has to equally attend to everyone in a group class.

Yoga in general can help people to:

Decrease and manage stress.

Improve a busy mind.

Strengthen, stretch, and tone the physical body.

Promote confidence.

Exercise the physical body.

Calm the mind through meditation.

Begin the journey of giving attention to body and mind.

Become aware of improved states of the energy body (spirit).

Awaken to higher states of awareness.

A path to healing and transformation.

And many more benefits.


Appointment Awareness

First TRIAL Session $70

Private Yoga treatment classes are scheduled by appointment only and paid for 14 days in advance.

If you are interested in private Yoga treatment classes call or email Sarah to talk to her for about 15 minutes regarding the process of class experience, registration, and payment.  

It is suggested that for Private Yoga classes the person try 1 (one) session before investing in a larger amount of sessions.   

After the initial trial session, for each package of 6  or 12 sessions that is purchased there are savings/discount opportunities for the student.  

For the most long term benefits from Yoga, it is recommended that the student comes to class every day or minimum 2 to 3 times per week.  


***Please contact Sarah to schedule a 15 minute phone call to learn about the process of class experience, registration, payment, and for appointment availability.


Yoga is NOT a substitute for medical treatments, medical doctors, mental health doctors, mental health professionals, and services.  If you or your clients need medical or mental health professional services please see these professionals and recommend to your clients that they must do so as well.  

Awareness for Yoga Students

As a part of each Yoga student's journey they should take responsibility to:

Bring to every class a Yoga mat.

Develop the ability of self-motivation and inspiration - through taking action to improve self and Yoga practice.

Create a disciplined and consistent home Yoga treatment practice.

Let the teacher know in class when they are experiencing pain or discomfort.

All Yoga students must have Yoga tools to support home practice - Yoga mat, two (2) cork blocks (4X6X9), one Yoga strap, three (3) Yoga blankets.  Other optional Yoga props are - chair, bolsters, foam blocks, eye pillow, and sand bags.


For private Yoga treatment students - if you have to reschedule or cancel a class - please do so 7 days before your scheduled appointment for you to keep the appointment and have it rescheduled at no cost.

VERY IMPORTANT: If private Yoga treatment student cancels less than 7 days before the appointment, they will lose the appointment (which means they will still pay for the missed appointment). WHY? Because emergency reasons or cancellations do not give the teacher enough time to use the appointment for another paying client.  All scheduled and paid for appointments are reserved in the teacher's appointment book.  If a person cannot come for whatever chosen emergency or reason they still have to pay for the missed reserved appointment.  Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

All payments go towards keeping the Yoga and Wellness Studio in operation.  


Your journey and actions are your own responsibility.

I am here to assist or/and help you with the tools I have created.

Thank you for choosing me to help you with your chosen Yoga journey.

The pathways to love are many.  Yoga is one path to enter the WAY.




"Sarah is quite literally an amazing instructor. She's methodical in her approach, she is very technical, and knows so much, it's very impressive! She really loves and lives the yogi way of life. We take private and regular classes, and my wife and I couldn't be happier. We get a lot of personal attention and so does the entire class! I highly recommend this yoga center to anyone who takes their yoga practice seriously.  Thank you Sarah!" 

Greg & Angie

"I really want to thank you for the time spent with me in private lessons.  I feel as if I have learned a great deal in a short amount of time!  I now realize what a small shift in alignment can do for a pose.  I feel as if my shoulders are getting stronger very quickly with the small corrections you made to my chaturangas and my inversions have become easier already because of this.  Thank you also for the research you did about my injury.  I am looking forward to another lesson with you in the future!"  


"I have taken several classes with Sarah and each one was wonderful.  I was lucky enough to take a private class and it was probably one of the best yoga classes I have ever had.  I have been doing yoga for years and Sarah gave me so much information, and challenged me, as well as listening to my concerns.  It was pure bliss, I felt so good afterwards.  Sarah has a style of teaching which makes the students relaxed and able to work hard, but feel so good while in the class"  


"Thank you for the great yoga one on one.  I appreciate all the tips and postures for prenatal yoga, this really help me and I feel more comfortable about doing yoga at home now 


What a wonderful class! Sarah helped me center and sequenced the class to help me with my current challenge (i.e., my right hip strain from running). I was challenged while being guided to stay aware throughout the flow and to listen to what my body needed. When class ended, I felt like I had the perfect mix of stretching, strengthening and relaxing. Thank you, Sarah!

Theresa C.