ONLINE Private Yoga Sessions

Spiritual Leaders Empowerment Program

All Sales are final.

NEW Students

ALL sessions are scheduled by appointment only and paid for 14 days in advance.  

If you are interested in any of these programs, please contact Sarah to schedule a phone call or online meeting to learn about the process of class experience, registration, and payment.  

Cancellation Policy

If you have to reschedule or cancel a class - please do so 7 days before your scheduled appointment for you to keep the appointment and have it rescheduled at no cost.

VERY IMPORTANT: If a student cancels less than 7 days before the appointment, they will lose the appointment (which means they will still pay for the missed appointment). WHY? Because emergency reasons or cancellations do not give the teacher enough time to use the appointment for another paying client.  All scheduled and paid for appointments are reserved in the teacher's appointment book.  If a person cannot come for whatever chosen emergency or reason they still have to pay for the missed reserved appointment. 

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT: Here are Sarah Yoga & Wellness when payments are made for Reiki Treatment(s), Reiki classes, Yoga classes, Yoga Private classes, and Yoga Teacher Training classes there is no refund.  Payments can be credited to other classes or services.

All sales are final. All payments go towards keeping the Yoga and Wellness Studio in operation.  

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.


The journey and process of healing and transformation are for those who are ready to make their spirit, mind, and body a priority.  Healing treatments help and assist people in starting the renovation process of themselves. 

This is an investment that you can never lose, but gain more vitality and improvements.  The only thing that is taken with a person when they die is what is within their spirit and soul records.  Try now to improve something about yourself.  

Why wait until it is too late to try.