Interactive live-streaming ONLINE Yoga Teacher Training

PRIVATE 1-on-1 Online Yoga Teacher Certification Program

The difference between Sarah Yoga & Wellness services and other studios is that Positive Energy – Spiritual Awakening – Transformation - and Focus on Improving Your Practice Is One of Our Missions.  

WHY TRAIN 1-ON-1 WITH THE SAME TEACHER?  Because to have the same teacher keeps the quality and standard of your training authentic and grounded in one root and foundation.  This can help to create a strong and focused personal practice for yourself and your career life’s purpose practice.

Our Three (3) Hours Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training attending twice per week can assist in Reducing Stress – Promote Meditative Focus – Increase Flexibility of spirit, mind, and body, and promote improved health, well-being, and quality of life; as a student and also as a teacher for assisting others.

With our offer of working together online - YOU get to create a sacred space for your Yoga, Health, & Well-Being Practice inside the comfort of your own home.  This can add to Yoga being more accessible in the privacy of your own home with no travel to class time.

Listed Below are our PRIVATE three (3) hours Yoga Levels 1 Yoga Teacher Training classes, attending "LIVE" Yoga Online classes twice per week.  Please let me know if you are interested so that I can schedule a time for us to discuss the map of the programs and classes, plus other awareness, and about creating a sacred space within your home as your personal Yoga classroom.

Please see below the available appointments to choose from regarding scheduling and reserving your private individual classes. Class start anytime based on YOUR schedule.  I will tell you the exact dates when we meet to discuss the class plan, other awareness, make your deposit, and give your postdated checks to reserve your personal private appointments.  

Level 1 - Online Yoga Teacher Training - available weekly private appointments: 

Tuesdays & Thursdays 1-4pm

Wednesdays 9am-12pm

Fridays 9am-12pm or 6:30-9:30pm

Sundays 1:30-4:30pm

*Times listed on Mountain Time (MT)

You must CHOOSE TWO (2) of these available appointments that work for YOUR weekly schedule.  We will meet for ALL online Yoga classes LIVE via Zoom (an online meeting software). 

You will receive specific dates for 72 sessions (36 weeks) in advance when you register for the program and pay a deposit.  If you need to re-schedule some appointments due to holidays or planned time off,  we can adjust the schedule.  However, you must use all your sessions within 10 months of the start of the program.  

There is also a 7 day cancellation policyfor each session.   It is your responsibility to make your Online Yoga Teacher training a priority in your life. This is your choice. 

This complete ONLINE Yoga Teacher Certification class program will be a total of 324 Hours

216 Online Yoga classes  (3 hours class sessions attending LIVE online Yoga classes 2 times per week for 36 weeks).

Plus 108 of Home Study Time, Home Practice, and Practice Teaching Others.  

For detailed Syllabus and Requirements, click here.

Please contact me as soon as possible to reserve your private class appointments and to get the best appointment that you want, need, and desire.

Thank you for choosing me to assist you with Your Life’s Purpose Choice of being a Certified Yoga Teacher.   Best regards with everything.  




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The content and structure of this online program is the same as the LEVEL 1 in-person program.  

The only difference is that we meet virtually via Zoom (an online meeting software) for LIVE online private sessions.  

This is NOT a self-guided or pre-recorded videos program.  

You will meet 1-on-1 with me twice per week for 3-hour PRIVATE online sessions.  Each session includes a guided Asana (Yoga poses) practice, meditation and relaxation techniques, plus lectures on the ALL the topics listed on the Level 1 Syllabus.

New Students...

If you are interested in this Online Yoga Teacher Training Program....

  • Please email Sarah at to schedule a FREE 30 minute phone or online meeting consultation to learn the cost of the program, and for appointment availability.

  • We will then schedule a 60 minute online REGISTRATION appointment session via Zoom (an online meeting software).  During this online meeting, we will test audio and video settings, and you will learn where to put your Yoga mat so we can see and hear each other; plus you will have the opportunity to ask questions, and tell me about your goals, and your specific needs.

  •  If you choose to sign up for this Private Online Yoga Teacher Training Program, we will then schedule ALL dates in advance and make payment arrangements. For any and all financial needs alternatives please speak to Sarah upon registration.


"Sarah teaches the Level 1  Yoga Teacher Training Program with the highest level of commitment to her students as she walks the path with them through the entire 9 month training.  By holding sacred space and sharing deep wisdom, she guides her students in creating a consistent Yoga practice, rooted in intention, with unconditional love and acceptance of themselves.  Sarah energetically pulls her students up to work at a higher vibrational frequency as they learn, practice, and teach.  The consistent pacing of the training enables the students to sustain the higher vibration, and thus creates the conditions for true transformation to occur.  Sarah’s YTT has changed my life by  inspiring me to be present and to live each moment mindfully.  I have been able to create a daily practice that fosters spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical habits of well-being which cultivates non-judgmental self- awareness.   This transformation has left me with a deep desire to responsibly serve others by sharing what I have learned."

Lyzzette J. 

"This program changed my life. It gave me phenomenal knowledge of the the human body and how each pose helps us. More importantly, we went in depth into yogic philosophy and lifestyle. Sarah set up a simple and supported method and environment for us to embark on the journey towards light and love."

Rebecca G.

"Sarah’s Yoga Teacher Training Program is truly a life-changing experience. The Level 1 program delves deeply into all aspects of Yoga - including the physical postures (asanas), Yogic philosophy, anatomy, and most importantly, the Spiritual growth of each student. It is unique to other teacher training programs in that it spans the course of 9 months, allowing for the slow and steady absorption of knowledge and the depth and breadth of learning that is truly required to become a well-rounded Yoga teacher. I would highly recommend Sarah’s Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training Program to anyone who is looking to grow as a teacher, enhance their own Mind-Body-Spirit connection, and pursue their own Spiritual journey."

Anya K.

"After a long search of Yoga Teacher Training programs, I knew 100% that this studio was the right fit. Not only is Sarah knowledgeable in the practice of yoga, but she gives 100% of herself when teaching her students how to be the BEST yoga instructors out there. As a practicing Physical Therapist, I wanted to find a program that would offer thorough, in depth knowledge of all lineages, the benefits of every yoga posture both physically and energetically, and most importantly, how to be comfortable and energetically strong as Yoga Teachers. I would HIGHLY recommend Sarah for your Yoga Teacher Training Program!"

Elaine W.

"This Yoga Teacher Training program is top notch.  For a year I did extensive research into teacher trainings... visiting studios, practicing with the teachers, discussing with students, etc... and nothing compared to what this program was offering.  I'll admit that made me skeptical, but I chose to take the leap.  The journey far exceeded my expectations, its been a transformational year and I'm looking forward to YTT Level 2. Sarah leads with intuition, deep understanding, compassion, and most importantly by example.  I highly recommend this YTT to everyone!  Whether you are deepening your practice or interested in teaching yoga, this is a supportive environment to make the necessary shifts to do so.  Don't doubt, go for it!"

Jacquelyn R.

"As I had pondered a bit too long in whether or not to enroll in the Yoga Teacher Training;  it wasn’t long at all - after just the first class -  I realized it was the next best step in what I truly needed in my life at this time, at this sacred place and at this very moment.   From the comprehensive anatomy lessons to the deeper Yoga philosophy lessons and discussions,  I was able to see and understand the beauty of Yoga in all its connections and inter weavings of the mind, body and spirit.  Sarah’s knowledge, guidance and years of experience provide an authentic foundation of Yoga not seen or taught in a manner in which she does so with such grace and compassion, allowing her students to find their own peace, confidence and curiosity to continue to learn, teach and share their knowledge with others.  As Sarah passionately shares weekly,  '…your practice is precious…' Precious for me on many levels – spiritually, physically and energetically –the shift is real."  Ready for Teacher Training Level 2."

Debbie P.

"Sarah brought Yoga into my life for the past year. It has seriously had a big impact on me and I would have never thought that back then when I started this journey. I never really planned to take a Yoga teacher training because I didn’t think I was qualified for. But with Sarah's encouragement, and the confidence she instills in others, I decided to take the leap, and I have come this far, I am on no other path than to keep going. She was right. This program is truly for everybody. If you've ever had any desire to find yourself and live a better happier life, do yourself a favor and check out this studio. You will be glad you did."

Gina K.